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Inspired by: Kathy Mazza of Bella Weddings & Events

The other day, I was talking with Kathy Mazza of Bella Weddings and Events. We’re working together on a summer soiree for the knot and if you haven’t had the joy of working with Kathy & Susan, you should snap to it! In business together for 6 years, the beautiful ladies of Bella have come a long way in a short time. Most of our readers are either planning their own wedding or are professional planners and, across the board, personalization is what we’re hearing about. Kathy and I were talking about personalization and inspiration and she was telling me how much she likes to encourage couples to look at and celebrate Marriage, not just their wedding. She was talking about this with her clients Monica and Jonathan, a lovely couple who are getting married May 22nd at Calvary Church in the Palisades followed by a Bel Air Bay Club reception, when the groom popped yet another big question “How do we honor our guests, their own weddings and commitment to marriage”? A brilliant question! After all, friends and family are your support system. They are the people who have seen you to this day and who will be with you along the road to forever and this bride and groom both have parents who are married and families rich with couples who have been united a very long time.

The best ideas begin as questions and the group got to thinking. It was decided that the best way to honor their guests’ commitment to marriage would be to include moments from their own weddings. When Kathy told me about the bride & groom’s tribute to their guests – I seriously thought I was going to cry. With every invitation sent to a couple, the bride and groom included a simple request: a photo from the wedding album of their guests along with the day, the place & the couple’s names. At first, they were a little nervous that maybe people wouldn’t participate and were proven wrong when, within *days*, responses began coming in and photos were arriving in the mail, some new and digital and sent via email, some old and worn by time and still others of couples where only the surviving spouse will be in attendance. The couple have had so much fun collecting and enjoying the photos of their guests and look forward to their wedding day when the photos will be hung from Manzanita graced with shades of green, lilac, yellow and ivory at the reception where the guests can enjoy their memories, learn about the memories of others and create new memories with the bride and groom as they embark upon their journey to forever.

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Reader Comments (4)

Great post Eddie. We have known, and have done business with Kathy and Susan for some time. We always enjoy working with them, they both have such wonderful vision. And, their Brides are always so happy! It makes for a wonderful experence for us.
Just like working with you!

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