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Lilacs. We Love 'Em.

Lilacs are a sure sign spring has arrived and is spreading her wings! Here for only a few short weeks, they are one of our favorites and are perennially popular.

Indigenous of Europe and Asia, the Lilac grows as brush with a hearty stem and oh-so-delicate blooms of white or violet. Each year, brides come to us, excited about the prospect of using Lilacs on their day and our regular clients are placing special orders to make sure they are able to enjoy them while they are here!

So with a few short Lilac weeks ahead of us, we thought we’d offer you some tips on how to show your Lilacs love.

  1. Lilacs love water! If you are picking them yourself, make sure you hammer the stems and place them in cool water so they can drink.
  2. They drinkdrinkdrink; don’t forget to change the water every two days until say farewell.
  3. Don’t place your Lilacs in floral foam. The foam will block the water and, well, you can see how that would turn out.
  4. Once they are cut, they can’t take the heat! So, if you are a gal lucky enough to have your wedding in these 3-4 short Lilac weeks, make sure you take that into consideration and discuss it with your floral designer before you start dreaming up elaborate outdoor Lilac arrangements for an afternoon ceremony.

Whether you adore Lilacs and buy them every year or just feel inclined to treat yourself or someone else to something special, you’ve only got a few weeks to spread the love, so get out there!

Got a question about the Lilac? Drop us a comment; we’ll get right back to you.

Until then…

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