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Biz Bash Covers the Fox Winter 2010 All Star Party

We love Biz Bash. Home to the special events news and who's who, it's not only a great resource for learning about the industry but for staying on top of who's on top. That said, it's always an honor to read about events Tic-Tock is a part of in their pages. For the Fox Winter 2010 All Star Party, we worked with Russell Harris Event Group at Villa Sorriso in Pasadena. The look was cool and modern, bringing a taste of winter's wonder to Los Angeles. Of course, you being our favorite people, we wanted to share the article with you. Check it out here:

Until next week, my lovelies!


Going for the Gold!

Each January in Los Angeles, The Golden Globes marks the opening of Awards Season. Yeah, the awards have their own season among these streets running between the movie studios. Every year, the stars turn out; some looking their best, some leaving you wondering if they saw the same thing you are seeing when they looked at their reflection. Whether the dresses are fails or fabulous, you know they’re all going to the parties after the show.

…And that’s where we make our entrance! Tic-Tock designs filled the space at this Globes after party with breathtaking lush arrangements of Purple Orchids and Monstera Leaves set in gold containers that we hand-painted just for this night.  The subtle yet impossible to miss arrangements were a hit and had there been an award category into which they fit, they surely would have taken home the Globe.


Inspiration. Imagination.

Who are we without them? If you want to stay fresh, remain relevant and keep your clients happy – you need to be in a ceaseless state of imagination – inventing, reinventing and always delivering! Why do the same old thing, year in – year out? People, seasons, moods, trends; all of them are always in flux. Few things are more important to great design and longevity than these two key elements. 

How do get inspired, stay inspired and keep our imaginations moving? We never stop looking. We are surrounded by inspiration and beauty each moment of our lives. Whether we're on a long drive on an open road or a short spin through the city - we watch what surrounds us. Everything from window displays on retail outlets [Have you seen the uber-fabulous window displays at The Bridal Bar?] to elements of fashion, interiors, exteriors, art, architecture, YOU NAME IT; inspiration and imagination sit inside of them all and are yours for the taking.


But what I really wanna know is – what surrounds you that inspires you most?


One Week in to 2010

One week into the New Year and 2010 is looking fabulous! We’re already at work on brand new designs for Valentine’s Day that you’ll be able to pick out online and pick up at the shoppe or have delivered at just the right time. Arrangements? Gift-Baskets? Gourmet Belgian Chocolates? YES! YES! And YES! You can pick one, two or go all the way and order all three! I mean, why not Belgian Chocolates in hand-embellished boxes? Whose love wouldn’t love that? Send ‘em with a floral arrangement that is so perfectly personalized it’s irresistible and voila! You’ve outdone yourself.


Counting Down the Hours 'til 2010!

2010 ushers in a new decade of couture florals, design and new lines!

Not inciting floral envy lately?  We’ve been doing it for years and now we can’t wait to show you how it’s done. Beginning in January, 2010 – Tic-Tock Couture Florals Creative Director Eddie Zaratsian is going to be hosting intimate classes in floral design. He’ll cover everything from basic techniques, preparation and containers to design philosophy and how to discover your best eye.

On January 1, 2010 look for the launch of your go-to for inspiration, style and events. What would you like to see? What gets you inspired? Write us! Tell us your design dreams and let’s transform them into reality. We can’t wait to show you what we love and hear what you think!

Somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic – well, namely, France – perfumier’s are working on a selection of fragrances that will ultimately serve as the signature scents of our 2010 line of candles.  We’re looking at a summer release on these so you’re gonna have to be a little patient but you know if it’s Tic-Tock it’s going to be worth it!

See you in the new year!


Chocolate? Chocolate!

Surprise! We don’t only love florals, guys! It’s all things sensory that drive us wild and for the last two years, right under your nose, we’ve been importing the most delicious Belgian chocolates! News to you? Don’t take it personally! We haven’t been keeping secrets, we’ve just been – uh – keeping it low key.

Available by the pound or by the piece in beautiful hand-decorated boxes, these buttery chocolates have been a wedding favor favorite and have been seen at the most fabulous bridal and baby showers in town.

Shaped square, round, pyramid or conical and available in milk or dark chocolate varieties – these chocolates are melt-in-your-mouth incredible and become perfect gifts, favors or pretty ways to say “I’m thinking of you.” when you doll them up in one of our hand-embellished custom boxes.

 The Deets:

Please allow 1 day for hand-embellished custom boxes.

Hand-embellished box with chocolate: 1.50ea/5.50ea

Chocolates by the pound: 35.

To Order Call: 323.874.3034

Online Ordering Available Soon at





Bridal Bar Store Window

Today Marco and I finished the interior design of the summer window on display at The Bridal Bar here in LA. Their colors are pale and bright pinks so we took oodles of ribbon and created a "web of creativity" in the window. Vinyl lettering will go up to complete the look in the center, but we're loving it even if it's not quite finished. Thinking of using this concept with live flowers as the backdrop to a head table at a reception soon. What do you think?


If These Petals Could Talk

Welcome to the Tic Tock Couture Florals & Event Styling blog.  Thanks for stopping by our site and be sure to check back regularly for event inspirations, floral styling, design, and all the luxuries of life.  Designer Eddie Zaratsian, celebrity floral stylist and designer to the stars will be sharing the highs and lows of the event lifestyle; the beautiful, the amazing, and the unbelievable in decor, and all that he loves in life. 


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