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Stranger Change Her! Wedding Edition


We've been having a fabulous time this month creating designs for our dear Cassandra Santor and her team at Beautiful Day as they do a month long series of segments for KTLA! This first wedding edition segment of Stranger Change Her! features a super sweet, midwestern transplant and LA resident. She came, she fell in love not only with the city but with the man of her dreams, bought the perfect dress that now...she realizes is all wrong! What do do? Ask the experts! (and a lot of people you've never seen before!)

We love that Cassandra invited tic-tock to be a part of this and look forward to sharing the other episodes as this beautiful month of May moves on.


Join Eddie at The Party Goddess! UNCENSORED

UNCENSORED: It’s coming, it’s live and it’s at San Diego's Culy Warehouse March 16th-18th. Put together by The Party Goddess herself, Marley Majcher, UNCENSORED is about events, it’s about design, it’s about marketing and – at the end of the day – it’s about money and how to make more of it with your event business. Marley has lined up a host of industry experts such as celeb wedding planner Mary Dann, Henley Company CEO Nicole Matthews, Raye C Marketing’s Rhonda Couchigian and tic-tock’s very own Eddie Zaratsian to speak on a range of topics from how to stay balanced and focused, to design and marketing to Marley’s signature session “…But Are You Making Any Money?” 

If you’ve never been to The Party Goddess UNCENSORED, you should come and, if you have, come anyway because you’ve never been to this one. We can say that because UNCENSORED has never been done this way.

Eddie is so honored to have been invited to speak at UNCENSORED and is looking forward to sharing his experience and insights as he talks about Successfully Designing with your client’s style in mind. A sneak peek into the floral designs he’s created for some of the industry’s finest including: Fancy That! Events, The Bridal Bar, Exquisite Events, Wendy Rhodes, Kathy Nosek, Ariel Yve and Cassandra Santor.

tic-tock Couture Florals with Sonia Sharma for South Asian Bride Magazine. Images by Yoshi Morimoto.tic-tock Couture Florals with Ariel Yve for Style Me Pretty. Image by Michael and Anna Costa.tic-tock Couture Florals with Cassandra Santor. Image by Joan Allen Photo.

Marley and the experts will help you take a look inside your business to help you gain insight and see where you’re throwing money away and wasting your time and where you’re – as we say – coming up roses!

We’ll see you at UNCENSORED. Click here to register.


New Brides: To You, From Us. With Love (and a lotta help from our friends) - pt.2

Invitation by Amber Moon of PItbulls & PosiesWith all of the excitement surrounding a new engagement, we didn’t want to let much time pass between part one and this, part two of our two part series of tips for the newly engaged from some of the amazing professionals we worked with in 2010. In our last post, we offered tips from Pauline Parry of Good Gracious! Events, Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar, photographer Marianne Lozano, Beautiful Day’s Cassandra Santor, Nikki and Madiha Khan of Exquisite Events and Christine Zohrabians of Fancy That! Events.

Today, we bring you another wonderful lineup of experts offering tips for the newly engaged: Cobalt Events’ Nicole Hirsty, Kris Kan of Kris Kan Photography, A Divine Occasion’s Kathy Nosek (who also wanted to share a fun new thing some of her brides are doing!) and, a woman who really needs no introduction, Marcy Blum.

Nicole Hirsty, Cobalt Events

1. Congratulations on your engagement! Take a minute to enjoy and celebrate that you are engaged before you dive into all the planning!

2. Sit down with your fiance a make a list of what's important to the two of you before everyone gives you their opinions, ideas and advice.

3. Give yourself a realistic timeline to plan your wedding. Wedding planning can feel like a full time job for a bride while trying to juggle work, school and everything else. By giving yourself enough time and managing it well you can avoid unneeded stress.

Kris Kan, Founder, Kris Kan Photography

1.Set your budget to your preference. After all, this is a once in a lifetime!

2. Be original, get inspired from the simplest possibilities.

3. Dare yourself to step out of your own box and do something a little risky.

4. Work with vendors that you feel most comfortable with. It’s about the connection, not just the product.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy, and dance the night away. After all, your wedding day is all about you!

Kathy Nosek, A Divine Occasion

1. Don’t skimp on invitations – you set the tone for the style of your wedding with invitations.  Cheap invites = Cheap gifts…might need to “word-Smith” this a little bit but general idea is if something beautiful comes in the mail it leaves and impression of what is to come with décor on that day.  Don’t waste time with fancy boxes but invest a little on Letterpress to show class in your selection that can sometimes be just enough…no glue on beads etc…they just bust through the mail machines and destroy the whole look upon arrival.

2. Use real flowers….duh!!  Allow your designer to be the expert and give you ideas rather than follow what everyone else is doing…ex: Mirror top tables to enhance the table top and make it pop.

3.  Spend on photography because this is the only way you will remember and visualize how beautiful everything was.

4. On photography – Photo booth or Photo Green Screen backdrop with tons of fun props.  It allows people to just go crazy and have fun.  Green screen any image can be put in the background.  You could have the “Bulls in Spain” running behind them while they have funny props or something a little more serious totally up to the client. 

5. Same Day Edit video.  This is new and very hot.  Take a look at this clip.  It was taped leading up and on event day to feature an amazing destination 4 day event.  It was shown that night at the reception…Amazing.  Not cheap but totally cool and worth it.  No one wants to see photos of you growing up before you met for the most part wedding videos are cheesy but this is cutting edge and unbelievable!  This is a very short 3-5 minute version and then ultimately the full video would come following the wedding once they add all details in. Go to ceremony within the ceremony to watch video…amazing.

Marcy Blum

1. Before committing to any venue for your ceremony. Go there at the time of day you are planning to get married to judge light etc

2. If you are not working with a planner, you are responsible for making sure your team is all in sync, distribute phone numbers and contact info to and for each vendor from caterer to florist.

We’d like to say a very sincere thank you to all of the incredible people in these posts who shared 2010 with tic-tock and took time out of their busy schedules to begin 2011 with us by sharing some of their expertise with you and to Amber Moon of Pitbulls & Posies for creating our invitation. We love you love you love you all!! Brides? We’ll talk to you soon!




A Beautiful Day Doesn't Happen Overnight: Cassandra Santor

When you meet Cassandra Santor of Beautiful Day, you really can’t help but smile. She carries herself with a graciousness and class that is to be envied and speaks with an understanding that comes only from going through it. For over ten years now, Cassandra has been honing her skills, gaining experience and studying under experts in several wedding specialties.

For most brides, planning a wedding brings a them into exciting and unfamiliar territory – Photo Courtesy of Joan Allen Photographymany of them thrilling delights they’ve been dreaming about and others they never thought of. Beginning with a bakery, Cassandra set her sights on one goal after another, a different aspect of the day to learn about and experience. When the bakery didn’t need a baker but instead needed an accountant, she set about teaching herself their accounting program and returned to them armed with what she needed to get her foot in the door so she could eventually learn about baking. She moved from the office to the kitchen, where she learned about cake design, composition and the finishing touches that creates Amazing.

Little did she know at the time that love would soon lead her to the east coast and dedication would lead her to her dream job. Call it kismet, but when she heard about an opening with Martha Stewart, she overnighted her resume, got a call the next day, and was hired on the spot. Soon she was working at The Wedding List, a high-end, high-touch registry where she spent her days assisting consultants and her nights studying china line charts.  Before long she, after testing in, she had become a consultant herself.  While at The Wedding List, Cassandra became an expert in china and tabletops, doing elaborate settings for some of the most luxurious weddings in the area. When the shop closed and layoffs became eminent, Cassandra not only survived but also thrived by being offered a prominent job with Martha Stewart in New York City. There she continued her work with brides and expanded it to include high-end clients from the entire tri-state area. After being promoted from working with brides to the corporate offices, Cassandra found she was she really missed her brides and the excitement she received while helping them on their journey to the wedding day. She’d begun working with brides and doing coordination of the full affaire on her own and wasn’t creatively fulfilled in the corporate environment. Her Martha Stewart colleague’s graciously referred her to a place they thought she would find inspirational: a floral studio. Soon Photo Courtesy of Joan Allen PhotographyCassandra had added technical skills and experience in that field to her proverbial tool belt. She moved from the floral studio to national sales for a first-class chocolatier, where she learned the art of fine chocolates and favors. Fast-forward to a President’s Day blizzard and Cassandra was ready for change. Being no stranger to the moving box, she packed them up, and headed west to seize yet another golden opportunity. Before long, she was in Los Angeles, facilitating the opening of a pilates studio and sending resumes to Mindy Weiss, when persistence again pays off and she begins setting out on her own.

Photo Courtesy of Joan Allen Photography

She created Cassandra and Company where, over the last several years, she has been working privately with brides, creating beautiful and unique weddings. Last year, she created Beautiful Day with the vision that a beautiful wedding be attainable and accessible to every bride and that the possibilities are limitless and has designed coordination packages with that vision in mind.

Photo Courtesy of Joan Allen Photography

We had the great pleasure of working with Cassandra earlier this year and, in fact are excited to be working with her again. She takes pride in everything she does, no matter how large the task or small the detail.  There truly is no better way to learn than hands on and she has, time and again, proven this maxim to hold true. From career beginnings in her hometown of Las Vegas, NV – the hospitality capital of the world, working with guests in restaurants, to New York City and now to Los Angeles, Cassandra has travelled and learned and taken initiative and created and built something she loves from the ground up, all the while, in one form or another, helping brides to create the day of their dreams.

Thank you so much to Cassandra for taking the time to share her wonderful story with us and to Joan Allen Photography for the gorgeous photos of the work we did together!