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Design Dawgs Guest Blog

E's been busy writing for Design Dawgs, an amazing blog filled with design inspiration especially for event professionals! Click here to get the latest story on what inspires E!


Floral Designs for Fashion Designers

Inspiration is drawn from so many places and we find fashion to be one of the most inspiring of them all. From the fresh and daring, to classic and couture – tic-tock designs celebrate the vast world of creative possibilities. One of the things we love about working with the world’s finest fashion houses is drawing inspiration for our designs from theirs and creating the perfect pieces for their events. These arrangements were created for one of these clients and, while we can’t say who (can you guess?), we can say we had an amazing time!

Thanks to Kris Kan for the always beautiful photos.


Fashion Forward: Dolce & Gabbana Winter Runway 2012

Nothing inspires E like a little D&G. Let's take a peek at Dolce & Gabbana's winter runway. The men's show was full of Italian school boys in grey pinstripes, red velvet and wingtips. Who doesn't love a beautifully designed wingtip anyway? The women's runway was magical with it's lace, stars and silky polka dots. We love the pops of yellow, aqua blue and hot pink, not to mention black, white and gold. Enjoy!

Runway photos by Monica Feudi. Details photos by Gianni Pucci.


Bullets 4 Peace

Designers are always searching for inspiration and Eddie is no exception. His latest inspiration comes from Bullets 4 Peace jewelry. Not only are these necklaces beautiful works of art, they also promote world peace. The jewelry pieces are made out of real recycled bullet casings found in war zones or on the streets.

The concept for Bullets 4 Peace came to Designer Rafi Anteby in a dream. After his childhood friend, David Peri, was shot 18 times and killed, Rafi was left devastated and confused about his friend's violent death.

Then, one night, Rafi woke up from a dream about David and the 18 bullets that had taken his life. Rafi suddenly had an inspiration of his own. He realized that he'd been sent a message. He remembered that the number 18 represented the Hebrew word Chai in Kabbala, which he had studied as a kid, and that it's translation meant life.

Rafi sat at his drawing table and designed the first piece of jewelry in his collection, Let Peace Out. ´╗┐Today, Rafi's inspirations are worn by celebrities Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake to name a few.


Inspired by: Kathy Mazza of Bella Weddings & Events

The other day, I was talking with Kathy Mazza of Bella Weddings and Events. We’re working together on a summer soiree for the knot and if you haven’t had the joy of working with Kathy & Susan, you should snap to it! In business together for 6 years, the beautiful ladies of Bella have come a long way in a short time. Most of our readers are either planning their own wedding or are professional planners and, across the board, personalization is what we’re hearing about. Kathy and I were talking about personalization and inspiration and she was telling me how much she likes to encourage couples to look at and celebrate Marriage, not just their wedding. She was talking about this with her clients Monica and Jonathan, a lovely couple who are getting married May 22nd at Calvary Church in the Palisades followed by a Bel Air Bay Club reception, when the groom popped yet another big question “How do we honor our guests, their own weddings and commitment to marriage”? A brilliant question! After all, friends and family are your support system. They are the people who have seen you to this day and who will be with you along the road to forever and this bride and groom both have parents who are married and families rich with couples who have been united a very long time.

The best ideas begin as questions and the group got to thinking. It was decided that the best way to honor their guests’ commitment to marriage would be to include moments from their own weddings. When Kathy told me about the bride & groom’s tribute to their guests – I seriously thought I was going to cry. With every invitation sent to a couple, the bride and groom included a simple request: a photo from the wedding album of their guests along with the day, the place & the couple’s names. At first, they were a little nervous that maybe people wouldn’t participate and were proven wrong when, within *days*, responses began coming in and photos were arriving in the mail, some new and digital and sent via email, some old and worn by time and still others of couples where only the surviving spouse will be in attendance. The couple have had so much fun collecting and enjoying the photos of their guests and look forward to their wedding day when the photos will be hung from Manzanita graced with shades of green, lilac, yellow and ivory at the reception where the guests can enjoy their memories, learn about the memories of others and create new memories with the bride and groom as they embark upon their journey to forever.


Inspiration: "being in love never goes out of style."

I know we’re not the only ones who eagerly anticipate new issues of Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style, not only because we’ve been honored by the opportunity to have our designs included but because it’s always fresh with inspiration and images that make you grateful for the gift of sight.

With her new coffee table book, “being in love never goes out of style” Grace once again leaves us breathless. Last night, we had the opportunity to attend the soiree celebrating its release and let me tell you, the ballroom at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills was abuzz with excitement about this new celebration of one of the things we love most: weddings. “being in love never goes out of style” is Grace’s own pictoral anthology of weddings that serves as both testament to her expertise and homage to the art of weddings. From Grace’s own Wedding Style Magazine website: “Art is subjective. Art is meant to be shared,” and with the release of this 400 plus page collection, Grace Ormonde truly shares her art with the world and reminds us all that not only does being in love never go out of style, but continually evolving artists such as her never do either.


Inspiration. Imagination.

Who are we without them? If you want to stay fresh, remain relevant and keep your clients happy – you need to be in a ceaseless state of imagination – inventing, reinventing and always delivering! Why do the same old thing, year in – year out? People, seasons, moods, trends; all of them are always in flux. Few things are more important to great design and longevity than these two key elements. 

How do get inspired, stay inspired and keep our imaginations moving? We never stop looking. We are surrounded by inspiration and beauty each moment of our lives. Whether we're on a long drive on an open road or a short spin through the city - we watch what surrounds us. Everything from window displays on retail outlets [Have you seen the uber-fabulous window displays at The Bridal Bar?] to elements of fashion, interiors, exteriors, art, architecture, YOU NAME IT; inspiration and imagination sit inside of them all and are yours for the taking.


But what I really wanna know is – what surrounds you that inspires you most?