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Unveiled: Delayed and Fabulous, Like This Post

After a rainy day cancellation, Unveiled made it happen on (and on a Monday no less!) We made lemonade from lemons on the rain day, stopping for brunch with our friends Christy from Junebug Weddings, Harmony from The Bridal Bar, the fabulous Fantasy Frostings and Shira Savada of Martha Stewart Weddings. When Monday rolled around we headed back out, this time to Beverly Canon Gardens and the Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills for an evening of food from Wolfgang Puck Catering, Bouchon Bistro, 24 carrots, champagne by Moet and Chandon and delicious desserts from some of our favorite purveyors of sweets. We had a great time creating pieces for The Bridal Bar and Classic Party Rentals and wanted to share the gorgeous photos by Beautiful Day Photography.  




tic-tock Talks About: Harmony Walton & The Bridal Bar

If you’re reading this – most of what I am about to tell you is nothing new because, even if you don’t know Harmony Walton by name, you know her brand, The Bridal Bar.

Even before The Bridal Bar came to be, Harmony was a well-respected wedding industry professional. She was writing for Inside Weddings magazine when she decided to set about creating something incredible: a place where the betrothed (and whomever they choose) can view portfolios and products, see samples and essentially look, touch and listen to the things they envision as elements of their perfect day.  The value of what Harmony has created lies far deeper than boutique. Each Bridal Bar vendor is screened, then screened and theeen screened some more to make sure that Bridal Bar brides are working only with true professionals who are at the top of their game, provide the best products and styles, who are reliable and honest, who do business with integrity and believe in the importance of being such a close part of such an important day.  But really, the most magical part of what Harmony does is matchmaking. The gals at The Bridal Bar know their vendors and they learn about their brides. The tic-tock Couture Florals and The Bridal Bar at Unveiled LA. Photo Courtesy of Cakes and Kisses.true magic is in pairing the bride with her perfect vendors and vendors with their perfect brides and we’ve been a part of this magic for countless occasions.

It must have been close to the time Harmony opened the first Bridal Bar boutique that Eddie approached her about meeting. She was very, very clear about just how discerning she is on her clients’ behalf. “Meet me, then decide.” – they met and have spent the last several years working together to make weddings beyond unforgettable. Harmony is an expert at who’s who and what’s happening. She knows where the industry has been, where it is now and can doubtless tell you where it’s heading. She is a trusted professional and friend whose pride in and passion for her work is evident in everything she does.  She is a well-respected speaker in the industry, lending her talents and expertise to engage!10 and other industry events. She works tirelessly to help her brides and her vendors and nowadays, it’s honestly a little difficult to think of what exactly it was brides did before The Bridal Bar – and what we did before Harmony whose support is so important in all we do.

Thanks to Cakes and Kisses for the beautiful photos!


We loved it: Unveiled LA.

If you were in Los Angeles on Sunday [and for your sake – we hope you were], there were a couple of things happening: one, the weather was fantastic and the people were out getting this Spring thing underway and two, over on Melrose Place, Unveiled LA was bringing together the best and the brightest and everyone was having a brilliant time!

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with old friends, make new ones and, of course, to see our Bridal Bar family and the incredible things they create. We had the honor of providing florals and if you were there, no doubt you stopped by The Bridal Bar booth for a taste of Fantasy Frostings’ little Cake Pops. They’ve been doing this crazy little thing called cakes for a long time and it shows! The detail that goes into their designs and the textures and flavors that you find inside are truly a treasure.  For Unveiled LA, the assorted flavors of little Cake Pops were perfect for bites and, I mean, look at this cake…

24 Carrots took the helm of cuisine for this afternoon affaire and not only provided some of the yummiest food we’ve had in awhile but a delicious booth as well.  Turquoise? We love turquoise!

As if that wasn’t enough to make for a fantastic day, we ran into Mindy Weiss who is not only pure joy to work with, but really such a graceful and charming woman and one of the industry experts alongside Harmony Walton on Unveiled LA’s State of the Union Panel.

And after a day of friends, food, inspiration and fun, it was time to head home and rest up for the week ahead.


Photos of florals, cake & cake pops courtesy of Cakes and Kisses Photography. (thanks!)